Creating Green Cities is a podcast on urban-nature based solutions, explained through stories of inspiring innovators from across Europe who have used their passion and creativity to make cities greener. We talk to guests from Barcelona, Budapest, Malmö and Utrecht to find out why green roofs are so cool, what happens when you start talking to hundreds of people about trees, and why it is more difficult to run a community garden than to start one.

The focus of the podcast is on initiatives that bring more nature to the city or which enhance existing green urban areas to deliver multiple benefits to the local population. The five episodes of Creating Green Cities highlight key themes investigated by NATURVATION researchers, including innovation, business models and financing for nature-based solutions as well as reflections on their assessment, monitoring and governance.

The podcast can be streamed on popular podcast platforms, such as Spotify, Deezer and Apple Podcasts.

Episode 5: Innovating with nature, people and places

The city of Barcelona is reinventing the work with soil; a social entrepreneur in Utrecht is trying to challenge the way the government cooperates with local green initiatives; and a housing company in Malmo is redefining neighbourhood design.

Episode 4: Valuing nature: Can money really grow on trees?

To ensure its survival, Food for Good cooperates with local enterpreneurs and tries to generate some of its own income by selling the vegetables grown on the farm.
27 July 2020

Episode 3: All hands on deck: Governing urban green

The city of Barcelona has an entire strategy dedicated to taking care of its trees, called the Tree Masterplan. To create this Masterplan, the city talked to over 700 different people to understand their needs, viewpoints and opinions on this topic. 
13 July 2020

Episode 2: Urban trees and gardens: How good are they really for you?

Living in a neighborhood with lots of trees will make you live longer… or will it? Urban nature is said to bring diverse health, social, economic and environmental benefits to cities and their populations.
29 June 2020

Episode 1: Bringing Nature Back into Cities

Green roofs make buildings cool. Literally. As cities deal with the impacts of climate change, green roofs can offer solutions and help with rainwater management, insulation and cooling, amongst other benefits.