31 May 2021

The Quest for Nature-Based Solutions in the City or Why we need to Replace Optimism with Hope…

Are nature-based solutions more than just the new hero in town?
20 May 2021

Project Community Garden – Writing an Academic Blog

Geography student Navya Lobo describes how the story she wanted to tell about community gardens had to be a visual one and needed to be told through multiple lenses.
4 November 2020

Justice struggles around greening in Barcelona

Check out a blogpost on a bike tour of Poblenou that reveals the urban justice issues around municipal vs. community-led greening projects in the rapidly urbanizing Barcelona.
23 September 2020

What about urban green inequalities?

Nature-based solutions hold the potential to drive the urban sustainability agenda and meet societal challenges but how are the benefits of new urban nature to be distributed and through what means? 
21 September 2020

Paved square to public park: a case study from Utrecht

The Roerplein Pocket Park is one of Utrecht’s prime examples of a successful citizen-led nature-based solution.
17 September 2020

Updating the Urban Nature Atlas

Work underway to review the Urban Nature Atlas containing 1,000 examples of nature-based solutions from 100 European cities.
7 September 2020

Fighting the 'Asphalt Desert' and ‘Land Consumption’ in Cities

Urban planning and climate change are closely interlinked. The way we build our cities affects both the local and the global climate.
7 May 2020

Vertical forests and green bus stops: Utrecht raises the bar on rooftop greening

Utrecht's new green roof policy: A step-by-step approach
5 March 2020

Will 2020 be a golden year for nature?

With key conferences for climate and biodiversity on the horizon, a workshop in Brussels this month shone a spotlight on how nature-based solutions are rising up the policy agenda
9 July 2019

Nature-based Solutions for Urban Resilience: Notes from Resilient Cities 2019

As the Resilient City Congress celebrated its 10th anniversary during the last week in June in Bonn, the development of resilient cities seems to enter a new phase.
24 June 2019

Resilient Cities 2019: Bringing Urban Nature into Focus?

In the face of climate change and increasing environmental, economic and social pressures, building resilience and sustainable development has become a strategic issue for cities.
29 April 2019

The dense, but green, city

How Sweden is tackling the challenge of addressing carbon targets as well as urban greening. 
8 April 2019

How urban partnerships can drive nature-based innovation

Bridging the knowledge between research, policy and practice
5 February 2019

All creatures great and small

New research suggests that it’s time to pay attention to the nature in our backyard
6 December 2018

Climate finance: regulation, big business or collaborative action?

Naturvation researcher Helen Toxopeus joined the Climate Finance Conference in Paris to gain insight into the most innovative initiatives aimed to accelerate the financing of the UN SDGs & Paris Climate Agenda.
26 November 2018

Life on the Edge?

Reflections on the growing interest in the urban challenge for nature and biodiversity within the international policy arena and its implications for sustainable urban futures.
31 October 2018

World Cities Day

The United Nations General Assembly has designated the 31 October 2018 as World Cities Day! Check out the emerging findings, lessons and tools from the NATRÙRVATION project.
13 September 2018

Co-creating nature-based solutions

How knowledge brokers support Naturvation's transdisciplinary approach
3 September 2018

What if animals designed our cities?

New thinking on the relation between nature and urban infrastructures at the 4S conference in Sydney, Australia.
9 August 2018

Nature and Cities: A workshop in Melbourne with Naturvation and Urban GreenUp

The Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub at Melbourne University organized a free interactive seminar on nature-based solutions (NBS) with RMIT University and an international collaborator Lund University.
31 July 2018

Brazilian-EU cooperation to foster NBS

With Brazil aiming for a more holistic approach to the environment a dialogue with different sectors has been initiated  to improve the current management of natural resources and strengthen the uptake of nature-based solutions.
12 July 2018

From nature-based solutions to nature-based innovation systems

Naturvation researchers Sander van der Jagt and Hade Dorst's paper nominated for best conference paper award at International Sustainability Transitions Conference
2 July 2018

Taking green roofs to the next level: an inspiring example from Edinburgh

A bottom-up initiative in Edinburgh is successfully campaigning to improve the quality of green rooftops within the city centre to benefit local wildlife
25 June 2018

How can plants fight drought in Cape Town?

Restoring indigenous shrubland in Cape Town can increase water supply and provide climate change adaptation benefits
13 June 2018

Exploring rooftop gardens in Barcelona

How nature-based solutions can be part of social empowerment
12 June 2018

There is no such thing as free… nature

Nature is all around us. And it can help us deal with some urban challenges. So, nature, welcome back to cities! But what is it worth?
31 May 2018

How effective are nature-based solutions in cities?

The increasing urban population worldwide is experiencing challenges imposed by climate change, decreasing environmental quality and threats to health and wellbeing.
28 March 2018

IPCC Cities and Climate Change: looking for nature-based solutions?

Attending the inaugural IPCC Cities and Climate Change meeting Harriet Bulkeley finds plenty of interest in nature-based solutions and a commitment to strengthening collaboration between researchers, policy-makers and practitioners
29 January 2018

Leipzig – Opportunities and Challenges of Urban Renewal and Growth

How nature-based solutions can help the city to tackle past and future challenges.
23 November 2017

Nature-based solutions – from innovation to common-use?

Reflections from the European conference on nature-based solutions in Tallinn, Estonia.
25 September 2017

Malmö - one of the world’s largest urban arboretum?

Trees as a common responsibility: How Malmö is trying to protect their tree stock
25 September 2017

The Mobile Lab – Our Way to Experience Nature in the City

Mobile Lab is a new methodology to explore a phenomenon by directly engaging with the city, its infrastructure, people and nature.
10 August 2017

Connecting Smart City Technologies and Nature-based Solutions in Newcastle

How a network of sensors can help to increase the resilience of cities and the well-being of its citizens.
20 July 2017

Putting the Eco back into the City? Notes from EcoCities 2017

Presenting at the 11th bi-annual EcoCities Conference, Harriet Bulkeley finds ecocities to be an idea that has run its time and one we need more than ever
20 July 2017

Green urban planning in Bucharest

Three of our researchers attended an international workshop on green infrastructure for sustainable urban planning in Bucharest.
3 July 2017

Greening cities to limit heat impacts

Greening cities, such as through green roofs, is an attractive investment to limit heat impacts from climate change.
1 June 2017

An innovative ‘business model’ for maintaining parks?

Can the transfer of responsibility save the future of Newcastle's parks?
1 June 2017

Can nature-based solutions be socially inclusive?

Yes they can, but ... they can also produce inequality. Our recent article explores how to ensure fair nature-based solutions.
1 June 2017

Musings on the nature of nature-based solutions

Getting inside the nature in nature-based solutions with Maria Kaika's book called City of Flows.
1 June 2017

If nature is the solution, what’s the problem?

Urban sustainability challenges are driving cities to look for solutions inspired and supported by the services that nature can provide.