Business Model Catalogue

Business Model Catalogue for Urban NBS – an overview of eight models

The Business Models Catalogue for urban nature-based solutions presents eight different business models for urban NBS. These were identified based on 54 in-depth case studies of urban NBS, both in- and outside of Europe. These models explain which values propositions can drive urban NBS funding. Importantly, by combining different models, the funding capacity for urban NBS can be increased. Download it by clicking on the picture to the left.

Business model catalogue introduction (video, 5 min)

Business Model Puzzle
(printable at A3, colour)


Business Model displays
(printable at A3, colour)

Business Model Puzzle for urban NBS – a dialogue tool

The NATURVATION puzzle is a dialogue tool for understanding what values can drive the realization of an urban nature-based solution, and which stakeholders may be willing to pay for this value. It builds on the business model catalogue (above) and allows stakeholders like municipalities, real estate developers, NGO’s and insurance firms to identify what values they can adopt to realize urban NBS. The material to play this puzzle as well as video instructions can be accessed on this webpage. The Business Model Puzzle material is suitable for one group of about 4-5 people; print it multiple times for multiple groups. The Business model displays can be used to show the eight business models on the wall during the puzzle workshop.

Business model puzzle introduction (video, 7 min)