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The Urban Nature Atlas, developed as part of the NATURVATION project, is the most comprehensive database of nature-based solutions for cities created to date. The Urban Nature Atlas has been produced as the result of a systematic survey of nature-based solutions interventions in 100 European cities and provides the basis for the analysis of socio-economic and innovation patterns associated with urban nature-based solutions in Europe. Furthermore, the Urban Nature Atlas is going global and now includes content from outside of Europe.

With the completion of the NATURVATION project, the Urban Nature Atlas has moved from this website to a new and permanent home. Besides its new location, the Urban Nature Atlas is updated and extended with additional features, including: all existing entries were reviewed and updated between July and November 2020; new criteria were added to each project, such as an analysis of goals and more detailed impact profiles; new search engine with opportunities for new types of analysis; and the opportunity to submit and manage your cases!